Fernando Torres Vs Liverpool 2010/2011 Chelsea’s debut 720p

Fernando Torres Vs Liverpool (Old club) Time 2010/2011|Chelsea’s debut Video clip: – 184mb|6Mbs High definition 720-30p WMW Songs: – Pendulum-Watercolour (Deadmau5 Remix) – Dowland hyperlink: www.4shared.com Video clip dowland link:Comming quickly In accordance to the Daily Mirror, Chelsea are set to recoup the whopping £50 million they splashed out on previous ‘Dodgy Hamstrings McGraw’ on Monday in a matter of months, thanks to a substantial surge in sales of ‘Torres’ replica shirts in the West London place. The Mirror have the first facts and figures: “Chelsea’s document £50 million signing Fernando Torres is already king of the shirt income — outselling his Liverpool alternative Andy Carroll by 250 jerseys to one. “Demand for Chelsea’s new Torres house shirts are at the moment 40% higher than when he arrived at Anfield 3 many years in the past, according to suppliers. “Shirt sales for the Kop’s other new striker, Luis Suarez, are 380% far more well-known than Carroll replicas, but are nonetheless trailing behind Chelsea’s Spanish signing by 30 to one.” Offered that it took just 6 months for revenue of Cristiano Ronaldo’s True Madrid shirt to pass the 1 million mark in the Spanish funds on your own, and the reality that Torres has topped the table for Premier League shirt income for the previous two seasons, Chelsea should break even on their £50 million investment in…ooh, about three weeks time!
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25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres Vs Liverpool 2010/2011 Chelsea’s debut 720p”

  1. wrong move torres, his name will be on the list next Shevchenko & Wright Philip.
    should have moved to bigger club

  2. @NinOOceaN he has fuk all feelings for Liverpool , if he did, he wouldnt have saidn what he said and then we wouldnt hate the fat unfit fuk like we do!!

    Good luck with the constant wait for him to get fit and he will get fit – then someone will tackle him and he wont be fit for another 6 weeks – then you’ll have to wait a month for him to be fit again..

    This cycle will continue until he wants to go to Barca or Man U and then you will feel exactly the same as us!

    Chelsea deserve better

  3. tee-hee-hee^_^
    Ancelotti subbed FTorres and in 3 min….and…trala..Meirelles scored!!!!!
    bad Italian decision!!
    how could he do that?FTorres was once a friendly of LFC,if there’s someone who knows their once teammates ,moves it’s him and Benayoun!!

  4. Thumbs up if you think Meireles and Lucas laugh at Torres in the beginning of this video, 0:11 :D:D

  5. Chelseaforever10 sanchez kicks ass he’ll be a great player I also hopf he will go to a good team

  6. shows what a crap debut it was when one minute of your four minute video is about the players wlaking in. crap. jt is going to screw torres’ wife soon and then ashley cole is going to send her photos of his black arse and torres is going to be pictured fondling some grandmas boobs in london club.

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