26 thoughts on “Fernando Torres vs West Ham – Form is Temporary, Class is Permanent – Feroze”

  1. You paid £50m, and his only goal so far was against the bottom team, and he almost lost the ball in the process.

  2. Hey mate, hope you don’t mind i used your clip of his goal to make a vid about torres’ first chelsea season. Just a joke, though, i am not saying anything about torres thru the video 🙂 i also credited you frot he clip

  3. for a minute there I taught you stole it from Feroze, just to realize you are Feroze….Funny

  4. yeh im so stupid… :/ age doesn’t really count, i bet i know more than you! like how old average players get before they’re past it. seriously, half the chelsea team are over 30. what more is there to get?? and i do know chelsea, the players there are a bunch of money grabbing bastards who think they can all form together and be this amazing team. They sack a manager each year because they dont win enough – oh wait they do, they won the double last year and had an off year this time, it happen

  5. @ALEXcornwall1994

    You clearly don’t know football. Or you don’t know shit about Chelsea. But according to your nickname you’re still young… and pretty stupid I reckon.

  6. torres is 28…not exactly at his best – needs to get his form back quick or itll be too late 🙂 p.s torres will not be in form next season because the rest of the chelsea squad are growing cobwebs..theyre ancient

  7. for the next incoming season 2011/12, chels will build their team around torres.. drogba, anelka and kalou all fairly likely to go in this transfer window, and if not, january or the next window in which chelsea would have bought 3/4 players, including a playmaker to work with torres (modric). torres will be in form next season

  8. 2 years of playing like emile heskey. You see hes had his time he peaked to early, lost his extra yard of pace which he will never get back.


  9. @MeowwHD Dont flatter yourself, mate. This is who Torres is. You’d better hang onto Drogba.

  10. Daavid Luiz is like “Yeah im on top of the pile! Yeah fuck you drogba!”

  11. you all think Torres is shit?
    look at his liverpool season,
    hes just warming up ,
    he’ll be brilliant next season

  12. the first ‘edited’ section of the film (the best bit) is copied from sky sports’ beginning before the chelsea vs liverpool- torres’ first game so stop going on about how good the editing is

  13. @jak132z

    Yes, Keep The Faith, It’s A Honour To Have Him At The Club, COME ON TORRES

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