22 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Chelsea 2011by TR [HD]”

  1. Brilliant. I would love to see what he can do with the likes of Modric/Hulk around–if we can manage to sign them, that is.

  2. @ReeceJohnson80 Yeah, but he’s gone to Chelsea who are a team who don’t play the style he excels at, never mind that his injury seems to have cost him quite a bit of pace (which is important for a player like him who likes to be ready to explode away from the shoulder of a defender).

    Maybe he’ll do an Anelka and become great at playing a different style from the one he used before, but he’s never going to be anything like the player he used to be again.

  3. @MrBlahblahblah2009 Either way im sure he will be back to his best, Form is temporary class is permanent, hes still only 27, hes still got a lot more to offer.

  4. @ReeceJohnson80 Well you couldn’t say exactly the same, because Rooney wasn’t absolute shit last season (when he was the second top scorer in the league I think?) and he wasn’t playing for the best team in the world at the world cup. He had a rough patch at the beginning of this season, that’s where the similarity ends.

    Also, when he WAS having his rough patch, he at least contributed SOMETHING to the team, which is more than Torres has been doing.

  5. @MrBlahblahblah2009 You could say the exact same about wayne rooney, look at him now, next season torres will be back to his best…

  6. @9Stenberg So he’s been either out of form or injured for two years straight. Isn’t that in and of itself pretty bad? Bear in mind a large part of his game was his pace and acceleration and how many times we’ve seen great players who’s games have been built around those attributes go to shit after repeated injuries and never reach their top level again.

    He’s never going to be the player he was again. The question is if he can adapt his game and become a top player by relying on other attributes

  7. Why is this vid 1:45 mins???? Wasn’t his only highlight so far that goal he scored on a waterlogged pitch against West Ham???

  8. @MrBlahblahblah2009 He has been in surgery, he has injured groins. He wasn´t in form, and he´s not at the moment either.

  9. Why is my video about Torres at Chelsea deleted by the FA, and your video not???

  10. @9Stenberg Dude, if his excuse for being shit now is that he joined in January which is a hard month to start at, what’s the excuse for him being totally shit for the first half of the season? Or the whole of last season? Or during the summer at the world cup where he was playing as part of the best team in the world?

  11. his great era has long passed….thanx for the 50million man…liverpool added just a little bit to get TWO BETTER PLAYER than torres…torres, walk alone man!!haha

  12. All you people saying stuff like “he is shit”, “he is not worth 50 million pounds” etc are just stupid. He came to Chelsea in January which is a hard month to start at. He is not used to their gameplay, the teammates.
    The goal he made will be one of many goals, he is an excellent and amazing player.
    And for the trollers, you really should get a life!

  13. Not so fast, Abdulaziz4kuwait! because Fernando Torres will be back, and he will be dominant and better than ever. Got get them, “Niño”!!!

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