25 thoughts on “A New Start For Fernando Torres – HD Movie”

  1. David Blaine’s 40 day world record for doing nothing in a box has been broken by Fernando Torres. =P

  2. I love Torres and Chelsea! Chelsea is my fav team and torres is my fav player!

  3. There is a fine, fine line between a goal being worth 50 million pounds, and a world class striker being worth 50 million pounds…. Mark my words, Fernando Torres was worth every penny.

  4. dont forget he signed a 5 year contract and hes been in chelsea for 6 months now…

  5. i watched this match and i was so happy for torres and look u got the bloody liverpool haters away just 8 dislikes great vid! 😀

  6. I swear to GOD, It sent shivers down my spine 🙂
    After all the slack he received from the media & the rivals, It was worthy moment to Cherish. Proud to be a Blue! Thanks a lot mate… Brilliant Video! 🙂

  7. Looooooooooooool 1 goal worth the 50 million?


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