14 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – The New Chelsea Hero – Breakaway”

  1. @ob8rox thank you so much , means alot please subscribe and check out my other videos 🙂

  2. Well if that goal cost 50mill than be it Torres just sucks u see how many goal have chicharito scored compared to Torres

  3. Is just a joy to watch him play. There are so many good footballers but torres make you feel excited when you see him touch the ball. its different.

  4. @lfc4eva1000 : he’s not deserve to compare. even if later he’s not best anymore.

  5. @lfc4eva1000 and he goes and get subbed in his next match LOL , plus Suarez hasnt just been scoring goals he’s been creating them while torres has just been a hindrance.

  6. well torres has gone down hill from liverpool i am not just saying it cos am a livepool fan but saraz is so better 5 goals torres 1 lol

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