25 thoughts on “Hitler’s Reaction To Fernando Torres’ Transfer To Chelsea”

  1. damn liverpool fans are bitches. grow the fuck up, its a business. fucking worst than cleveland fans.. eh eh eh torres eh eh eh. like u never left a fucking job before

  2. Ok Liverpool and Chelsea is like gangs. Liverpool is Blood and Chelsea is like Cripes. One betrays blood they come by killing. But i dont care where torres want to go to, He could go anywhere he wants.

  3. Lmfao! I don’t know a word of German but I can understand Hitler better than a Scoucer trying to speaking English!

  4. @Todoslosfritos Fair, I rates he’s got til the end of next season though! So much love for the old boy.

  5. @Lanks23333 He was man of the match. But that took a huge toll on him. He won’t be able to do this for much longer.

  6. @Todoslosfritos
    Good bit of analysis there mate. You obviously didn’t see the chelsea match or are indeed blind.

  7. Good news is that Carrager talks like a teenage girl and is likely to collapse after the next prem game.
    He’s too old Liverpool.
    Admit it.

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