Torres wants Liverpool to be Premier League champions

Fernando Torres wishes Liverpool and not Chelsea to go on to become the champions of the English top tier this season. Torres featured for Liverpool and Chelsea at the peak of his career from 2007 to 2015 and enjoyed a great time at the two clubs.

The Spaniard says that it gets very difficult for him whenever he is asked to pick one between these two clubs because he has got emotional attachment with both of them and he can’t pick one. That’s why when these two teams go head to head against each other in the Premiership or in any other competition, he prefers not watching the game because if he watches, he doesn’t know whom to support.

According to Torres, from a personal point of view, he can say that he achieved more at Liverpool. It was probably the time when he was in his prime and he produced some wonderful performances, but from the team’s point of view, it was Chelsea’s stint which was more successful because he got to be a part of the title winning team there.

I want both of them to win every game and when they play each other I won’t watch the game.” Torre was quoted saying by IRISH MIRROR.

“Liverpool was the best time in my career and with Chelsea they gave me what I wanted as a player – trophies.” Torres added.

On asked why he prefers Liverpool to be the Premiership champions this season, Torres says it’s because despite being such a good team and having such quality players, Liverpool has not won the top tier title for a long time, while Chelsea has won it in the recent past. So for this particular season, he prefers the Reds, but he would certainly be rooting for the Blues the next season.