26 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – Exclusive Torres Interview”

  1. @123idkuser It doesn’t matter whether RA or another billionaire takes his place, the Financial Fair Play rules will eventually make the cash supply run out.
    Yes, I’m a Liverpool supporter living in Liverpool. Don’t really understand what you’re getting at.

  2. @titfer05 if abramovich does sell the club another billionair will take his place.

    so your a liverpool supporter living in liverpool?
    i guess yur not a real supporter then.

  3. Wow … I bet RA is made up with those staggering achievements considering all the cash he’s splashed out on the first team.

  4. @titfer05 lol a lot actually the fair play league, youth premier league south and national. Automatic CL for next season. which isnt as great the Premier league or fa cup but its still alot more than what liverpool have accomplished in the last 5 years.

  5. @iamhotshot1 What exactly have Chelsea won this season? Did I miss something? Proper supporters – well, I admit the 8,923 that turned up to see Chelsea play Coventry in 1994 were PROPER supporters but I don’t expect the rest to hang around for long once Roman’s money dries up!

  6. @quietatse thanks for taking torres off our hands hes been a real treat at chelsea so far. goodluck with him next season just pray he dont get injured haha

  7. @iamhotshot1 i dont own a tv ? LOL alright my tv is probz bigger than your room haha.

  8. @iamhotshot1 im glad we can focus on the premier league. goodluck with fernando torres seems like everything is going right for him atm , 4 months of playing football and not being injured WOOPS. torres will get injured next season and there goes chelseas messiah HAHA.
    fake club , fake fans , no history & plastic flags.

  9. @8ds100 lol fuck off flid u probably dont even own a tv, chelsea big club, end of! reason there re-read it.

  10. @iamhotshot1 FAIL. go learn what a big club means than come talk to me. your reasoning is stupid.

  11. @8ds100 a big club means a team that can make it into the top 4, with ease. A team thats winning trophies not living n the past, a team that can sign big players and a team that has proper supporters not northern twats lol

  12. @iamhotshot1 lol how exactly are they bigger ? do you even know what a big club means ?

  13. @MrRee1000 If you’re going to pull people up on spelling then you should learn the difference between “your” which denotes possession and “you’re” which comes from “you are”.
    Defeats the whole purpose of YOUR argument otherwise. If you don’t agree YOU’RE being hypocritical.

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    Where are you in the league again? You say you have no respect for me but your still talking to me on here. Stop being a pussy and let me comment on your channel if not then please just fuck off and get some help.

  15. @MrRee1000 As a fellow Chelsea fan why not just ignore these fools and rise above it!

  16. @MrRee1000 Hi coward, improved your educational level yet? I no longer believe you are 22, if you are you MUST be retarded or a maybe a special needs child LOL.

    Anyway, Chelsea are FUCKING SHIT and can you please resend all of your posts as i could not be arsed reading any of them you fucking dumb stupid prick, but please feel free to keep waisting you time LOL. Why not post this in your ”about me” and show everybody how easy you are to take the piss out of. LOL

  17. You need to grow up you talk to people on multiple accounts, you post on other peoples channels and yet you can’t let them reply on your channel, you never answer anyones replies. All you are is just a dyslexic, attention seeking, spineless, bed wetting little boy who has to argue with people on the internet just to get your kicks. I’d be ashamed to know someone like you in real life. I feel sorry for liverpool for the fact they’ve got such fans who are retarded like you!

  18. @lHaveN0Name What do you know you post a reply with more spelling mistakes “imature” is spelt IMMATURE and “embarrasment” is spelt EMBARRASSMENT. You don’t read my reply because you don’t have the guts to do so! You only want to talk about what you want to your scared of getting into a proper argument. So if bad spelling and ignoring people’s replies is your idea of taking the piss out of someone then you really are stupid.

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  20. Nigel Spackman what a reception we gave him at anfield and speedie as well if joe cole plays against us you will see the same no doubt. Plastic LFC fans should be shameful in their treatment of chelsea’s NO9

  21. @lHaveN0Name your the THICK BASTARD here there you go again with your spelling mistakes “rediculous” I think you’ll find it’s spelt RIDICULOUS lol made to look foolish again. Why should I re send my reply when your to scared to read it?! You don’t make any sense at all. With your level of bad spelling I’m wondering how old you are i’m guessing about 12.
    Stop being a pussy and let me comment on your channel

  22. @lHaveN0Name I see what your doing your replying to a post i left on this video which is about 10 pages back. So you think owning someone is not reading their reply and yet posting more of the same nonsense? Jesus christ you are definitely retarded. What’s wrong are you too scared to read my reply because your too thick to answer any of my points.

  23. @MrRee10years old

    Got you little argument still posted up LOL

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