25 thoughts on “Top 10 Fernando Torres Goals 2007/08”

  1. @gerrardmankind8 No wonder Liverpools expectations are so high every season to win the league after they’ve got fans like you claiming things like that ROFL.

  2. @unamsucks papa roach-last resort is gay for you??? wtf???? rock man rock!!!!!
    are you insane………maybe you are a faggot,you stupid shit……

  3. I really think these goals are nothing specia. In england defensors and goalkeepers are really weak, and because of this, torres is way too much overrated

  4. @TheNorway1990

    reason????….motherfuckin asshole…..u dont just get thumbs up …. u earn it!!!

  5. @unamsucks definely agree i had to mute thais shit to actually enjoy the footage

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