25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – Torres on Liverpool”

  1. @Cassinator8 Mate Im agreeing with you so….. I meant that its better winning it “seven” years ago (I watched the game mate, 2005.) than not at all. Like Chelsea. So dont call me a slag dude. How do you know i dont know anything about football? You dont know me. And i dont support Chelsea, so yeah. Before your slg me off, check what i meant next time.

  2. @jolieelle hows ia it 7 years ago you slag, its 5 and half dick head weres ya european cup?? you know fuck all about chelsea and football so fuck off you plastic supporter.

  3. @Cassinator8 Winning it “7 years ago” is better than not winning it at all innit.

  4. oh my god!!! i truly hope chelski misses out on top 4 and torres finds himself in the same situation as he did with us in liverpool!! hahaha!! still no CL football!!

  5. @FrankLampardd08 “history doesnt mean shit to anyone. Chelseas just made history last season breaking the goals in 1 season record. Thats going down in history, no club will ever beat that.” your clearly a fuking idiot. History doesnt mean shit to anyone? It doesn’t mean shit to you because you don’t have any! go fuck john terry or one of the other fags in your team. 1-0.

  6. we make our history fools not living off it scouse scums….. haha we got torres u dont now fuck off

  7. my names nando, i cant speak english..
    nice reception, FUCK OFF thats BOLLOCKS
    UNFAIR, well you sulked at liverpool, dont start sulking again, BELLEND SCUM TWAT


  9. @Cassinator8 5yrs ago dick head, 2-0 1-0, 2005,2006,2007 semi finals mate 🙂

  10. @Cassinator8 u won the european cup about 7 years ago. Liverpool lost to blackpool twice this season. They are so amazing.

    Captain Steven Gerrard: youtube.com/watch?v=knW7iyiYAsY

  11. @FrankLampardd08 if were garbage how come we beat yas twice this saeson and we have won the european cup and you havnt hahaha idiot chelsea rent boy.

  12. @Cassinator8 oh no, Gerrards scored a goal in Liverpools 1 successful Champions League title run. That makes him a legend right? Gerrard is garbage, Liverpool is garbage. Wont even make the champions league this season either.

  13. @FrankLampardd08 did i say epl i said champions league dickhead, they have never won the european cup with a english club. rentboy, john terrys ma she loves the scouse cock.

  14. @Cassinator8 lol thats not true either. Ever hear of Ruud Van Nistelrooy? Andriy Shevchenko, Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba? They all played in the Prem, and all of them have won more EPL’s than gerrard.

  15. @FrankLampardd08 what did i say he has scored the most european goals as a player who has played in the prem you retatrd and no hes hasnt behave you muppit lampard is shit. I said talk when your team has won a european cup so be quiet please.

  16. @Cassinator8 lmao gerrard hasnt scored more goals. Gerrard hasnt won more trophies. Gerrard has never got top scorer in the premier league. Wtf are u talking about, look it up. Lampards played less games and scored more goals. Its pretty pathetic to say gerrard is better

  17. @FrankLampardd08 no did not stop chattin you piece of shit, gerrard is obv better than lampard, 1. gerrad scored more goals. 2. gerrards has got more medals than lampard. 3.gerrard has won the european cup and the top goal scorer in the prem to play in europe dick head, you are a chelsea rent boy, all your team are over 30 so soon chelsea are gunna be shit and no plastic flags, then no torres. Talk to me when youse have won the european cup which will be never hahaha

  18. @sharapova4eva Seriously, thats just stupid! Yeah lets sing about Torres when he plays for the rivals. Thanks for the goals, now gtfo and dont you ever come back.

  19. Dear Mr Abramovich,
    Thank you for your letter but unfortunately the 30 day money back guarantee doesn’t apply to items bought in the January sale.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Kenny Dalglish.

  20. @Cassinator8 Ballack played really well for Chelsea. Robben started his career in chelsea and had a great 3 years there. Shevchenko couldnt play along side another striker, but still didnt do as bad a job as ppl on liverpool. Sure gerrard is better. In 10 years for chelsea, lampards scored 108 goals in 332 apps. in 13 years for Liverpool, Gerrards scored 84 goals in 384 apps. On top of that, Lampards been top 5 assisters in the premier league for the past 6 years.

  21. @FrankLampardd08 haahahah all shit players, what happend yo ballack, shevenko, robben ?? and how are they doing shit for liverpool, youse are shit 1-0 fuck off chelsea rent boy, frank lampard is shite and gerrard is better.

  22. @Cassinator8 wtf are u talking about. Titles and Trophies are basically the same meaning. When u win a championship, u have the title of number 1. If anything they got 10 trophies. Congrats uve won the european cup, and you havent won shit since then. You havent got the most out of your players wtf are u talking about. Look at Babel, N’gog, Kuyt, and Maxi Rodriguez. All gr8 players but do shit for liverpool.
    youtube.com/watch?v=knW7iyiYAsY theres ur captain for you

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