25 thoughts on “Daniel Agger punches Fernando Torres CHELSEA vs LIVERPOOL 0-1 ynwa”

  1. The assistant ref is 2meters from the ction and absolutely sees it. Normallly that’s red, but you konw why he doesn’t do anything? Because he knows Torres deserved it 😉

  2. Does any 1 know wa this song is called aas i had it on me comp and carnt rember what it is called

  3. @DJxBash, sorry mate, but suarez is a world class player, he had a fantastic world cup, meireles is also a world class player, starting for portugal. id also say agger is touching world class, maybe if he came from a country with a better national team it’d be recognised.

  4. when i saw this in the match, i was like FUCK YES!!!!!!! I LOVE U DANIEL! so was my dad 😀

  5. @Bundz86 Torres has been shit for like 2 years so hes not even worth £50M at all! Carroll’s scored more than him this season and been out injured longer hahaha i think we got the better deal…

  6. I can come to understand that there are people angry with towers of liverpool .. but like that that made agger? I feel awesome! and if bad people …

  7. traducción del español al inglés
    I sincerely believe that the Liverpool players did not hold grudges, it sounds good to ride a scary story fed sensationalism … but only went for a better career opportunity and it is not difficult to understand and secure the players to understand. That was an aggression, lack of resources maybe .. (sorry for my inglish)

  8. @GeeWalshie By saying that “,Getting whats coming to you”you think its ok for players to punch one another on the pitch in front of families and children?.I understand that you have a rather dim view of life and things havent worked out for you.but seriously try waking up with a smile on your face for a change. THE TRUTH HURTS DONT YOU THINK !!!

  9. It’s completely obvious that Agger did that in purpose. To be honest though, Torres deserved it. That was only like 5 days after he had left Liverpool and he was playing against his old team mate. Really disappointed with the way he left. YNWA

  10. @coolblah243 wow how lame. you will walk alone. why dont u make ur own song not copy from a fkn prehistoric song. wtf is that supposed to mean anyway. He’s walking alone because he’s not a pussy like u scousers. going in groups

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