Fernando Torres FC Chelsea Skills & Goals 2010 / 2011 HD

Fernando Torres in Period 2010 / 2011 ! It’s his period, believe in me! Fernando Torres 60 Million € transfer FC Chelsea – El Nino! [ DISCLAIMER ] I do not personal anything. Everything belongs to their rightful proprietors! Song : Chicane – Poppiholla (Unique Combine)
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  1. @Victorious4ever25 . Its not so much the goals. Meireles and Kuyt scores a lot of goals. But have you seen Suarez in Liverpool? He covers most of the field, he never stands still, he scores goals and make these great passes. The only thing torres has ever done is scoring goals. Sometimes. But if he do not score within the first two shots, he gives up.

    Torres is an okay striker, but I prefer Suarez and Carroll. Good luck with Torres, and PLEASE! BEAT UNITED !!!

  2. @lewisprice34 I dunno maybe Suarez and Carroll will score more, but my favorite player is Torres and my favorite team is Chelsea so I am really happy he moved. But thats my opinion, you have your own which is cool 🙂

  3. @Victorious4ever25 not really. I’m actually serious. I really don’t care about Torres. already now Suarez have run more than Torres ever did for us. Torres scored a lot of goals, that is right. but wait and see. Suarez and Carroll will score many goals too!

  4. Just as I was finished with convincing myself that I didn’t miss him, I found this video. Sucks man.

  5. Just as I was finished with convincing myself that I didn’t miss him, I found this video. Sucks man.

  6. @hamisterdaan No reason to thank Torres. This season he was a joke, and the transfer demand to a rival club is just not acceptable. Goodbye Torres, we got Carroll and Suarez.

  7. the liverpool should stop crying and Fernando Torres to thank for all he did there and the gools etc. .. if he went to chelsea, damned if he did a lot there and liverpool fans should thank you.

  8. 50 mil for this super Striker yes!Hes still young and can score many goals.Dont blame him coz he cant scote in 4 matches.Malouda needed 2 years to play in form since he come from Lyon in 2008.So its never late for this striker.Drogba scored 33 goals last year,and hes 32:D

  9. Where did that great player go ? I think the premier league defenders all know what Torres will do on the ball so he is no danger anymore, and then the fire in his game just went out, thanks Chelsea you bought an outburned player for waaaay to much money 🙂 And We got Suarez!

  10. 50 million. Run out of pace, run out of passion but hasn’t run out of his love of money. Judas.

    And Chelsea a bigger club…The laughing stock of the footballing world. Project Obramovic and his mega bucks will never, ever buy you class. You need to look North for that you bunch of plastic fans.

  11. el nino, payed way to much in 50m but next season, 25+ goals will re-pay yous and to say liverpool are going ‘down’ after we beat chelsea home and away, are on alot better form than chelsea and chelsea have no youth all money money money, wheres its been proved by barcelona, to grow your own talent thought the youth is the best way.

  12. Torres hasn’t been scoring much goals since the start of 2011. But still Chelsea got Torres now, Liverpool is going down

  13. @scUDeRIA197 Your Just Jealous Of Chelsea Getting Your Best Player And Your Team Are Going Down The Shitter.
    Gerrard…. LOL Pathetic Get A Life And Follow The Better Team Chelsea!!!!

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