25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres Leaves Liverpool to Chelsea.”

  1. … Steven Gerrard the badge and the reds are the heart n soul of Liverpool United

  2. @JLBsportsTV the said thing about what liverpool7068 said is that he is supposed to be a LFC supporter. So one fan is abusing another because of their geographical location. That is NOT the liverpool way. I’m a passionate red from Wales. What has he got to say about that?

  3. @mrahman1992 That use to be the case but it’s popularity is growing….. i have no clue though if it will ever be bigger than US football though.

  4. @CWScott24 Nop, never watched MLS neither have most of my friends who are football crazy. I thought majority of Americans know near to nothing about football

  5. Man i subscribed to this guy cause of the fact he is american and knows so much about l.f.c amazing

  6. @mrahman1992 have you ever watched a MLS game???? there is a lot of people in the states that love to watch premier league games.

  7. Not a true fan, have you listened to this YANK. As if he’s a season ticket holder for LFC. How did I end up on this shit… YNWA <3 !!!

  8. i understand Liverpool fans , i had the same or even worst feeling when luis figo move to real Madrid

  9. Yah but if we sold toress in the summer that would have 80 mill would be in hicks pocket

  10. it’s a bigger gamble for CFC though, they paid 50 million whereas Liverpool paid almost nothing for Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll. Obviously Torres is world class but lets not forget he was prolific ONLY at liverpool.

    His record at atletico (15-20 goals a season) and for spain (around 82 apps and 26 goals) is decent but not prolific.

  11. @mrahman1992 Mascherano is an exelent player too i only mentioned Tevez because im not going to mention every single argentinian player on england 😛 i like liverpool a lot, and you know that thing bout saying “you buy trophies is like if i would say that to you, you would be like fuck that lol. I love Chelsea for Drogba, Lampard, etc and love Liverpool for Gerrard, and Chelseas Joe Cole ;). And about Torres i belive he has to wear red jersey but you know hes only 26 he has a life ahead!

  12. @J0dido22zzzz What about mascherano your national captain? He was a key player on our team for many years. Tevez is a good player but is a child not a leader. Chelsea and City think money can buy them trophies, but in Liverpool it is the passion and belief that gets us trophies

  13. @mrahman1992 lol im from argentina and i love english football i like liverpool but im more on the side of the blues 🙂 and manchester city, you know Tevez right? 😉

  14. I became a Liverpool fan cuz Torres played there and now I support Chelsea too but that doesn’t mean I don’t like lpool anymore!! 🙂 Torres is always the best -3 real fans support him watever happens….he’s a top class footballer so his move to chelsea is just another great experience for Torres to develop his skills and become a better player 🙂 tho he already is amazzzinggg!!!

  15. why are you attacking him for being american? ppl watch the premier league in every single country

  16. only one striker is worth 50mil in my mind and he went for 34 mil to barca last summer =D

  17. Thats almost exactly what i said when i heard that Torres said he can NOW play for a big club, Also I can understand the fact that he wanted to leave and i should not be angry about it and i’m not…What makes me mad and i’m sure it does for a lot of people is that he said he wanted to stay with Liverpool and that he would not leave the club like Gerrard and Cara….. 1 week later he signs for Chelsea and that pissed me off.

  18. easy answer to that question. Young Liverpool fans can not be glory hunters because we have not really won much in the last 20 years. But young United fans are only fans because they have been succesful over the last 20 years – hence the glory hunters tag. But to be quite honest i could not care less who supports who for what reasons. If your going to support a team give them 100% or give them nothing at all.

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