Fernando Torres Liverpool Goals (Anfield Legend: Aug 07 – Oct 09)

Storming goals to Beastie Boys “Positive Shot” Many thanks to all people who shared the highlight footage/modifying application. My 1st consider so experience free to comment.
Video Rating: four / 5

25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres Liverpool Goals (Anfield Legend: Aug 07 – Oct 09)”

  1. I hope people that are bitching about Torres leaving to Chelsea realize the immense good he’s doing to the team leaving the club behind with hopes of regainning their form and in better financial terms.

  2. @neshje13 Well good for you heres a medal, and naaa mate far from being fat and get bullied i bmx i can’t be fat lol xD

  3. @xIRideBmxBFMVIx i’m an ajax fan but you’re just acting like you did everything but you’re probably a shitty person who is fat and get’s bullied all the time.

  4. Now that Torres is gone. Liverpool should be thinking of bringing back Heskey and possibly signing Gary Neville to strengthen the team. Suarez won’t make us any better. Plus we still need a leader, another Souness and Neville could fill that role. Gerrard is just too dam lazy and gives up and can’t be depended upon when you really need him.

  5. Fuck torres fuck chelsea they paid 50 mil for margie clark let the fat spanish fuckin money grabber go we dnt want him luis suarez liverpools no.7 na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

  6. @osgerr8 para mi fue lo mejor por que en los ultimos años habia bajado mucho su nivel pero estuvo bien que se fue por que Liverpool se beneficio de su venta ya que se trayeron a dos grandes jugadores que le eran bien al equipo al futuro como lo son Andy Carroll y Luis Suarez

  7. @neshje13 Who beat you at home today? 🙂
    Soo you sit down and stfu, you got beat by a team that are shit all you cfc fans keep on saying, SHAME!

  8. @keithyboy313 You say all your fans are respectful and descent and after that you say in the next sentence you call Arsenal fans foreigners and refugees, and shame about the mighty CFC, aha get in there you red man jog on you cunt xD

  9. We thought that you were special now, Torres Torres
    you’re just a rentboy like the rest, Torres Torres
    “You’ll never walk alone” you said, but now you’re dressed in blue instead,
    Fernando Torres you’re a fucking cunt

  10. @xIRideBmxBFMVIx You’re acting like you’ve won the cups for Liverpool but you’re just a support so sit down and shut the fuck up

  11. thanks torres for gave us three and a half years to enjoy many victories you gave us.

  12. Fernando Torres will be Liverpool legen forever. Xabi Alonso also left Liverpool to go to Madrid, as Cristiano Ronaldo, as Benitez when he left my Valencia’s team to go to Liverpool, as Villa has left my team to go to Barça to win titles. At the beginning, I hated Villa, but now I’m happy because he is winning titles, he is a legend of my team and we have used the money to pay other players. Fernando Torres will be a Liverpool’s legend FOREVER. Remember three fantastic years and forget his left.

  13. @xIRideBmxBFMVIx He’s got more than that left in him, Drogba is 33 and he’s still at the top of his game and I think Torres will be the same. We’ve got him at his prime and the though of him playing in a good team as he siad is exciting for us. If he can score so consistantly for an average side imagine aht he could do at a top side.

  14. @xIRideBmxBFMVIx Keep dick riding history because end of the day you weren’t around to see that history so what does history mean if you ain’t winning shit now a so called great club brought into turmoil Chelsea are twice the club and have respectful decent fans unlike the scummy Liverpool also Arsenal fans are all foreigners and refugees and Spud fans they don’t even deserve a mention only one team in London CHELSEA FC!!! BEST FANS IN LONDON!!

  15. Xavi Alonso, Gerrard and Torres seriously just clicks and play together. When that chain was broken so did Liverpool.

  16. @cfcsteve86 Oh look another Chavski fan, your fans make me lol all the time you hated Torres now you love him, and yeee his only got 4 years till his 30 think about it, whereas yes paying £35m for Carroll might not work out but if it does it will be a great buy by us
    And yours paid 50m for a player that hasn’t been at top form for a good year now

  17. @keithyboy313 Someone needs to go back to school I think xD
    And good one mate because I am not from Liverpool I live in London and Chelsea will never ever be anything on Liverpool so just sit down and stfu 🙂

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