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  1. torres sucks!!! how does he even get a contract that big when he didnt score as much goals while playing for liverpool???

  2. Liverpool supporters.. understand that your loyalty to him as aplayer in red was not and will never be enough to make him stay..all his time at liverpool he didnt win a single trophy, hes one of the best in the world and would want to be competing for alltrophies at a high level….its a business.. just because you were happy to have him at the club doesnt mean he was happy to be there.. Selfish fuclks..all you scousers are greedy cunts and will never change

  3. Atrides, you got the right point of view, needless to say anything else. Maybe Fernando never won’t be as good player as he was in the Liverpool days.

  4. Look, Liverpudlian fans, thanks for the United win, Chelsea really needed that, but seriously, if you really loved Torres, you wouldn’t be trashing him like this. Love is sacrificial, so you have to sacrifice your bitterness for your reverence during his effects at Liverpool. You’re making him hate LFC by doing what you do. It’s all right to be sad he left, but don’t hate on him. He loved his time at Liverpool, but this is what every wise footballer does eventually.

  5. @Arrested101 Well I don’t have any bitterness towards you but I do for fernando becasue I read his book and he did kiss the crest before and he stated that no other team could show more love for a player not even Athletico which was his first team. But it is time to move on I just really loved him as a pool player.

  6. @Arrested101 Read his book you berk.Get your facts right and stop talkin absolute bollocks..

  7. Wow you guys,you hate him after all he did for Liverpool?It was time for him to move on and play for another club.

  8. The only reason Liverpool fans hate him is because he apparently “betrayed” them. The Kop believe they shared a special bond with him but he never once stated he was Liverpool through and through and never once kissed the badge. Face facts, he went to a team that, at the moment, in a position to compete for more stuff.

  9. used to like torres cause im liverpool fan.now hate torres cause hate chelsea.ponky torres

  10. 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009 best liverpool years especially with torres!!!

  11. @PatrickSSoxP Yes, because I am a Liverpool supporter. Now the bad luck is gone.

  12. I hate the fact that I actually loved him


    I love the fact that I actually hate him.

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