14 thoughts on “☆Fernando Torres☆ | FC Chelsea | Top Goals & Skills | HD”

  1. what the song name i knw its” all the right moves” bt this one a remix can i know plz?

  2. Me parece un buen jugador, pero creo que hay de mejores y por el precio que lo ficharon que lo dejaran en el Liverpol. Nosé pero pienso que como jugador puede y debe mejorar mucho en varios aspectos…

  3. He will be back !!! Mark my words 😉 … He just CANT fail !!!Next season he will be the top scorer of EPL !!! Win or lose , go up BLUES !!! Love you TORRES !

  4. @StretchElChimbon01 Yeah, he sucks so bad he got 20 goals in his debut season in the toughest league in the world at the age of 22.

  5. @LFCTommie ya i had the same problem with my Keisuke Honda vid (go check it out) i had to change a lot of the goals and the music so they wouldnt delete it

  6. @jlira1117 yea torres also had 33 goals his first season in EPL, chicharito (which you spelled wrong) has yet to get 20…

  7. @jlira1117 i kno chicharitos way better… at the moment, when torres is in form he’s amazing and hes coming back from injury and he’s in an entirely new team.. but chicha’s young and he’s gonna become an amazing striker, even one of the best (coming from a Man U and liverpool fan)

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